University Noel-it-alls Challenge LIVE - Join us for a week of quizzing!

The Noel-it-Alls Charity Event took place in December 2020 to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK it raised £1759. This page is a record of the event.

Adam Smith is organised and hosted this festive fun week of quizzing. Testing the general and dementia knowledge of 21 researchers, to provide some much needed fun and festive entertainment, healthy competition and to raise money for a great charity.

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All the teams will individually face 15 minutes of questions, the four teams with the top scores will go through to the semi-finals. The order is:

Time Heat
19.35 – 19.50

First Heat, Karolinska Institutet (Download the Quiz)

19.55 – 20.10

Second Heat, Team Alzheimer's Research UK (Download the Quiz)

20.15 – 20.30 

Third Heat, University of Glasgow (Download the Quiz)

20.35 – 20.50 Fourth Heat, Cochrane Dementia Group (Download the Quiz)
20.55 – 21.10 Fifth Heat, Cardiff University (Download the Quiz)
21.15 – 21.30  Sixth Heat, University College London (Download the Quiz)
21.35 – 21.50 Seventh Heat, Harvard Medical School (Download the Quiz)

The Semi-finals – Wednesday 16th December from 8.00pm to 9.30pm GMT

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Head to head, following the standard (mostly) University Challenge format, the four top scoring teams from the heats.

Time Semi-finals
20.05 – 20.35

First Semi-final - University of Glasgow (Glasghohoho Braindeers) vs Harvard Medical School (Team MasterMIND)

20.45 – 21.15

Second Semi-final - Cochrane Dementia Group (Santas Cochrane-deers) vs Cardiff University (Team Glia Trio)

21.15 – 21.30 

Round-up and next round introduction

The Final – Friday 18th December from 8.00pm to 9.00pm GMT.

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Another head to head, following the standard (mostly) University Challenge format, the two winning teams from the semi-finals.


Time Final
20.10 – 20.45

Final - University of Glasgow (Glasghohoho Braindeers) vs Cochrane Dementia Group (Santas Cochrane-deers)

20.45 – 21.00


The final was close... it had moments of drama, embarrassment and the the winners were..... University of Glasgow (Glasghohoho Braindeers) with 250 points, beating Cochrane who scored 220. Watch back below, and test to see if you could have scored as well as the teams.

Congratulation to Dr Lorraine Work, Dr Josie Fullerton & Zach Blaikie - University of Glasgow.

Special thanks to all the competitors, Dr Christina Toomey for scoring, Dr Martina Borchetta and Dr Eric Dyne for their dementia questions, and all of you for donating and helping us research our target. This was lots of fun to arrange, we we're super grateful to everyone who contributed.

Download the Starter for 10 Questions and Answers from the final here.

Download the Rounds Questions and Answers from the final here.

How can I donate and get involved?

Please donate using the link at the bottom of this page, and then tell all your colleagues, friends and family to watch, and support the great charity and cheer on the team you want to win.

Tell everyone...

Who is competing?

University College London (We wish u(CL) a merry quizmas)
Mica Clarke
Imogen Swift
Dr Amanda Heslegrave

Cochrane Dementia Group (Santa's Cochrane-deers)
Dr Terry Quinn
Dr Jenny McCleery
Sue Marcus

Harvard Medical School (Team MasterMIND)
Dr James Quinn
Dr Suzanne van Veluw
Dr Rosie Jackson

University of Glasgow (Glasghohoho Braindeers)
Lorraine Work
Dr Josie Fullerton
Zach Blaikie

Karolinska Institutet (We know-ho-ho it)
Charlotta Ryd
Dr Sara Bartels
Sarah Wallcook

Cardiff University / UKDRI (Team Glia Trio)
Dr Hazel Hall-Roberts
Dr Emily Maguire
Dr Beth Shaw

Alzheimer's Research UK (Dreaming of an orange Christmas)
Edward Pinches
Dr Katy Stubbs
Katie Puckering

Catch-up on Wednesday’s Semi-finals in the video below

Catch-up on Monday’s Heats in the video below